Renovo Heritage

Visit the Greater Renovo Area of Clinton County

Renovo Area has a lot to offer all our visitors! If you’re interested in wilderness, we have great hiking trails that also connect to the Appalachian Trails on the mountain. The well-known hiking trail that is most commonly travelled in Renovo is the Donut Hole Trail. If you are interested in photography, the mountains are very photogenic and can be seen from spectacular spots that are reached VIA vehicle. There are many spots in the Renovo Area where you can also find statues of “CCC Worker,” who stands as an example for the Civilian Conservation Corps. (CCC). There’s so much history stored inside of Renovo, and the Heritage Park can help guide you to the spots where certain men made there lives or even storytell about the impact the CCC had on Renovo and Clinton County. Below is the map to our address: 78 Industrial Park Rd, Renovo, PA 17764. Hope to see you soon!
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Places to Stay & Eat

  Socky’s American Restaurant – 406 Erie Ave, Renovo, PA 17764

Yesterday’s Restaurant & Hotel – 100 3rd St, Renovo, PA 17764

Sportsman’s Restaurant & Hotel – 12700 Renovo Rd, Renovo, PA 17764

Tripp’s Four Seasons Motel – 11917 Renovo Rd, Renovo, PA 17764
Renovo Heritage